Curriculum & Assessment

Bright Kidz Curriculum


The Creative Curriculum

We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum called The Creative Curriculum that focuses on the process of learning. This curriculum helps teachers to create an environment that is rich with opportunities for children to explore their world, to discover, to practice social skills, to become problem solvers and to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Learning Through Play

Young children learn through their play therefore we work to encourage not just learning, but, the love of learning. We also incorporate many different supplemental curriculums including “Physical Activity Quality”, “Helping Kids Eat Right” “Mudpies to Magnets” and “Growing, Moving, Learning” where teachers use them for your child learning.

A strong program is more than classrooms and curricula. With dedicated and caring teachers, we provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere to comfort and challenge our children.  Our teachers routinely exceed state requirements for continuing education.  Bright Kidz supports these efforts by providing training opportunities, as well as opportunities to share ideas.

Child Development Screening

Bright Kidz implements a child developmental screening to identify children who may be at risk for developmental problems. It is one component of comprehensive assessment system and the first step in determining if a child needs to be refereed to further diagnostic assessment or evaluation.

We use a screening called Ages and Stages (ASQ) at the time of enrollment, and renew theses screenings annually. This particular screening helps discover information about the child and relate their home life to their educational progression and development.

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Formative Assessment

Bright Kidz implements a formative child assessment for all children at a minimum of two times each year. This assessment is a process used by teachers and children during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning. It supports the development of your child and mastery of skills. Formative assessments help in the planning and adaption of curriculum to meet each child’s developmental and learning needs. Bright Kidz will be implementing the Teaching Strategies Gold (TS Gold) program to assist us with assessment of your children.

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Our Discipline Policy

One of our main goals is to help your child develop a positive self-esteem.  We recognize that children need clearly defined limits set in a non-threatening, yet firm manner. We encourage children to be self-directed and to practice self-control.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Bright Kidz Provides conferences at least twice a year or approximately every six months. A written conference form can be provided to families that summarizes the key topic of the discussion and the child’s strength and areas of development for the upcoming months.

Family Communication

Parents are welcome to Bright Kidz at any time.  Feel free to spend your lunch break with us; come stay for a morning and join in the fun learning activities with your child.  Got a free afternoon?  How about getting in some playground time with your child?  Children love it when their grown-ups play with them.